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Parent Testimonial Blog- Dexx

Mr. Lee: first quest tell us a little bit about yourself and your child

AW: okay well my name is angelica  and i have a son Dexx who is four. he’ll be five in a few months
he is a preschooler pe-k four at seabrooks elementary school and he is brand new to karate this is his very first time
seeing the studio and participating. other than karate he does soccer so he is very active. He loves to be active

Mr. Lee: glad to hear that so why did you first enroll? What were some of the things you were having
challenges with Dexx and what were you what were you interested in having him improve upon by taking karate?

AW: so father and myself wanted to instill more structure and routine based on attitude and mindset for him
on a daily basis. as far as the structure we also wanted Dexx to be able to defend himself in certain situations
as we all know school can be very challenging at times dealing with other kids personalities and and just struggles
in general and Dexx at times he did encounter some confrontations and it scared him and he didn’t know what to do.
So we thought the best way to teach him how to defend himself was to bring him to a studio where it’s a controlled environment
and strategic.

Mr. Lee: as a result of him training so far how have things changed at home or at school?

AW: he did a complete turn around. he looks forward to doing chores and helping out because he knows that it’s helpful
and he can in the long run get rewarded for it. his attitude has become so much more positive. he’s much
more outgoing. he’s not afraid to speak up and he’s okay when someone might be verbally aggressive towards him or
if he gets pushed or shoved or anything like that he doesn’t back down and get upset and cry because that’s what he
used to do. when things would scare him so much he would just start crying and in a sense also whine
now if was being mean to him he does not hesitate now to verbally stand up for himself and then you know thankfully
he hasn’t had to get physical but just having that confidence at home and in school has completely turned around

Mr. Lee: so last question and then I will let you get back out there for anybody who’s on the fence about
joining the school what would be one thing that you want to tell them to think about?

AW: i would tell anyone and everyone to don’t hesitate. come here i’m a person that i do my due diligence.
i research I’ ve seen other studios um i’ve asked a lot of questions and i with no doubt chose this place because it
was by far the most structured and very focused on the actual goal don’t hesitate sign your child up as it might
be hard you know the first one or two times which you know kids are a little shy but they break them out of their
shell immediately and you will see progress you will see change and yes all sports should be fun they will get that
but they will also get the structure for at home and for themselves and definitely in school when you’re not around
i can do say that i don’t worry as much about Dexx when he’s in school or on the bus because i’ve seen the change
and i see how he handles himself now so don’t hesitate.

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