Safety and Self-Defense! How keeping safe equals Self-Defense and what you can do to keep yourself safe! with Master Llabres and Mr. Lee


Welcome to the Vineland Martial Arts Podcast! In this week's episode, Master Llabres and Mr. Lee discuss Safety and Self-Defense. It's important to know with school starting back up and so many different distractions in our daily lives that we go over why it is important to stay safe and how just by taking the necessary steps to be safe we are utilizing our best steps to Self-Defense!

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About The Contributors

Master Chuck Vertolli, 6th Dan Black Belt, Owner/Chief Instructor, 33 years of Tang Soo Do training.

Mr. Samuel Llabres, 4th Degree Black Belt, Instructor/New Student Director, 12 years training.

About Yi's Karate of Vineland

We are a martial arts academy dedicated to training our students to Black Belt and beyond. We instill a sense of high moral character, respect for ourselves and others, as well as a strong yet humble state of confidence. Our mission is to develop leaders of unwavering integrity to improve our communities, nation, and world

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