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The Importance of Communication! It’s impact on Children and the future!

Communication. A hot topic discussion that can make even some of the best of conversations very difficult if those involved don’t have the proper skills. It’s even more important now for our children to be able to develop these skills to be better individuals in the present and the future. I have had many a conversation with parents who have discussed how by training here at Yi’s Karate of Vineland, their children were able to improve their overall communication skills and style and also built up their confidence as well! But, by not being able to develop these important skills, children and adults can struggle and suffer. By not being able to develop the necessary skills to have proper communication, children (and adults too!) can struggle with the following:

  1. Interpersonal Relationships: Children who grow up in an environment with poor communication skills may struggle to form healthy relationships later in life. They may have difficulty expressing their thoughts, emotions, and needs effectively, leading to misunderstandings and conflicts in their personal and professional relationships.
  2. Emotional Well-being: Poor communication can hinder the development of emotional intelligence in children. They may find it challenging to identify, understand, and regulate their own emotions, as well as comprehend and empathize with others’ feelings. This can lead to difficulties in managing stress, resolving conflicts, and maintaining mental well-being.
  3. Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence: When children are not given the opportunity to express themselves and have their voices heard, their self-esteem and self-confidence can suffer. Poor communication can prevent them from developing a sense of agency and belief in their own abilities, leading to feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt.
  4. Academic and Professional Success: Effective communication skills are crucial for academic and professional success. Poor communication can hinder a child’s ability to participate in class, understand instructions, and express their ideas clearly. These limitations can extend into adulthood, affecting their career prospects and advancement opportunities.
  5. Problem Solving and Conflict Resolution: Inadequate communication skills can impede a child’s ability to solve problems and resolve conflicts constructively. They may struggle to express their needs, listen to others’ perspectives, and find mutually beneficial solutions. This can lead to difficulties in navigating challenges and may hinder their ability to collaborate and negotiate effectively in various contexts.
  6. Mental Health: Poor communication within the family or social environment can contribute to emotional distress and mental health issues. Children who feel unheard, invalidated, or neglected may experience anxiety, depression, and other psychological challenges as they grow older.
  7. Trust and Intimacy: Communication is the foundation of trust and intimacy in relationships. Children who experience poor communication in their formative years may have difficulty building trust and establishing intimate connections later in life. They may struggle with vulnerability, openness, and maintaining healthy boundaries.

All of these areas listed above are huge areas that can be affected if our children are unable to develop the necessary skills to communicate how they feel, how they react to situations, as well as how they develop relationships with others later in life. That’s why it is crucial to be able to develop these skills now! So, if you are reading this and wondering how you can develop better communication skills for your child, come take a FREE lesson at our academy today. Developing healthy and positive communication skills for our students is a very crucial trait for us, especially for our students who are working towards becoming leaders within the community! Don’t hesitate, call today at 856-405-0008.

See you soon!

Mr. Lee MSW

3rd Degree Black Belt Instructor

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