The Necessary Tools to Improve Overall Grades

Improving Overall Grades

It’s no secret that improved physical fitness and exercise has many added benefits to an individuals lifestyle and overall quality of life. But did you know by being physically active, such as by taking up karate, that you can also improve a students overall grades as well? According to The Committee on Physical Activity and Physical Education in the School Environment; Food and Nutrition Board,  there is evidence that suggests continued and increased physical activity can facilitate improved academic performances, specifically in areas such as mathematics and reading.


Given this specific study, it is very important for students and children to get physical exercise. While taking karate gives the benefit of physical activity, it also helps to work on other important areas as well, from balance and coordination, discipline, focus and self-confidence. To learn more how you or your child can improve their overall grades, schedule a free lesson at our school with one of our professional instructors today by calling us at 856-405-0008! We are a Black Belt school and promote many different facets of skills that promote and improve overall life skills!

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